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Productivity suite similar to Microsoft's Office
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meraj It is a very friendly software

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S So you send me to a link that isn't a download link, instead just an IBM page. Get rid of your link since it doesn't work.

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Stain Phiri One of the best in accounting.

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Henrique Guzzo It's very practical software.
I couldn't find anything similar.

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byron evans I have been advised to download "lotus-approach.software" program on my computer to be able to read information that my friend is going to send me. It looks unlike anything that I have seen before and wonder if it will accept information from a Memory stick or CD, so that I will use the information being sent to me. I would appreciate any constructive comments or advice.

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tom_winkelman Why did the 32 driver for my Lotus Smart Suite 9.8.2 suddenly disappear?

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Guest easy to use

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John Quigley i really like this suite of programs. I found Lotus to be easy to use, but it is much to expensive for a retired person like me to use anymore. IBM owns it and could probably put out a free version but probably won't do so. I have gone over to OpenOffice.org.

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